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FR - Veuillez noter que ce livre est en Anglais.
DE - Bitte beachten Sie, dass dieses Buch auf englisch ist.
ES - Importante: Este libro está en Inglés.
IT - Si prega di notare che questo libro è scritto in inglese.
SE - Denna bok är på engelska.
HR - Ova knjiga je napisana na engleskom jeziku.
PT - Por favor note que este livro se encontra escrito em inglês.
DK - Bemærk venligst at bogen er på engelsk.
NL - Let op: dit boek is in het Engels.
RO - Aten?ie - aceast? carte este în limba englez?!
PL - Uprzejmie zwracamy uwag?, ?e ksi??ka jest w j?zyku angielskim.
SK - Upozor?ujeme, že táto kniha je po anglicky.

You've finally made the decision to banish your belly for good, but what do you do next? Well, get your hands on this manual, for a start, and we'll show you how to use quick and easy lifestyle tweaks to embark on the road towards a flab-free existence.

Here at MH we don't believe in fad diets. In fact, we don't do dieting full stop. Instead, we believe in eating the right food to fuel the most effective fat-burning workouts and exercises. This way you'll manage to shift the fat for good – and build up muscle to boot.

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Men's Health Fat Burning Manual

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Men's Health Fat Burning Manual