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Vegan Weight Loss Best Sellers

Instant Oats

With 11g of protein, which contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass, it’s a great way to kick-off your daily intake. It’s also packed with fibre, and all the carbs needed to fuel your body – for a perfect start to any day. Ideal for breakfast, this super-simple snack can be enjoyed whenever you need a nutritional boost, including adding it to favourite smoothies and pancakes!

• Low in sugar

• High in fibre

• 11g protein

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Vegan Weight Gainer

To build muscle and size, you must always be in a calorie surplus – which means you have to eat more calories than you burn. Our plant-powered blend is packed with pea protein isolate and brown rice protein, with added carbs, to give a staggering 400 calories per serving. 

• Huge 29g protein 

• Blend of organic flours

• Available in two delicious flavours

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Baked Cookie

Our deliciously rich chocolate cookie is baked using pea protein, coconut oil, stevia for added sweetness, and a generous sprinkling of dark chocolate to create a truly indulgent treat. It’s the perfect alternative to satisfy sweet-tooth cravings without derailing your diet plan! 

• High in protein 

• Baked with quality natural ingredients

• Great for on-the-go

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